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Terms of Service

This web service collects personal information about you. This information is used by a game convention ("Con") you have chosen to be involved with.

This web service does not collect or store your bank account or credit card information. We do not require you to enter your phone number or street address. This web site may guide you in making payments to the Con but it is your responsibility to ensure it is the correct organization once you get to PayPal and any issues regarding such payments, including services delivered and/or refunds are between you and the Con.

Your personal information may be seen by people or businesses that perform services for the web site or Con, such as our web hosting company, copy centers, the Postal Service, staff members and volunteers.

Cookies may be used (such as ‘Remember Me’ on the login page) but are not required.

The password you pick for your account on this site should not be the same as what you use anywhere else. An internet hacker might learn that password from our database and use it to access accounts you have elsewhere.

The above terms of service last updated 1/1/19. is owned and operated by
Larry dot A dot White at Comcast dot net.
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